Original VW Remanufactured Parts

Features of the auto parts line

  • A new VW product line for cars older than 5 years old. Produced according to a specific development process.
  • Serial production of parts is modified according to the age of the car.
  • Two-year warranty (legally required).
  • „Economy“ parts are not used for warranty repairs work on new cars.
  • Increasing range, giving priority to parts needed for maintenance and wearing parts.

Advantages of VW „Economy“ parts

  • Low, Competitive Prices For real savings – the cost advantage of adapting repair solutions to the needs of older car owners.
  • Guaranteed functionality The technological expertise of VW Group has enabled it to start a modified serial production of parts according to the age of the car. Many years of experience with specific car models.
  • High quality level Design and production that meets the global VW brand standards.
  • Exclusive sales channel Exclusive distribution through authorized VW service partners ensures consistent quality.

The new „Economy line“ will be released gradually. VW „Economy“ parts are a new product line that has been gradually released on the market from the second quarter of 2010.

How can you distinguish the VW „Economy“ parts? We have made it easier for you to separate the „Economy“ parts parts by unique part number, marking and packaging.

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